Truck Accidents- Personal Injury Law

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucking is one of the most highly regulated industries in America, precisely because carelessness or negligence on the part of truck drivers and trucking companies can cause severe, life-changing injuries and fatal accidents.18 wheeler accident lawyers

Our personal injury Law Firm is a leader in fighting for full compensation for victims of big rig truck accidents and their families. Our accomplished trial attorneys have earned a reputation as tenacious negotiators and aggressive litigators protecting the rights of our clients to seek maximum financial recovery after a trucking accident.

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The Value of Having a Premier Firm on Your Side

Truck accident cases are often highly complex, requiring immediate investigation by a team of lawyers and independent experts in order to gather the evidence necessary to obtain a fair insurance settlement or to prevail in personal injury or wrongful death litigation.

Preservation of evidence is our key priority in investigating the cause of any truck accident. Our success over the past 25 years has given us the resources to send out an experienced investigative team to take photos and measurements of the scene which may later be used to contradict the trucking company’s version of events and to firmly establish legal liability for the harm you have suffered.

We will examine the truck driver’s logbook in order to uncover evidence of over-hours driving and will take action to protect physical evidence of any truck design defects or negligent maintenance which may have played a part in the accident. We confirm these findings through a comparison with data from the truck’s “black box” computer.

Another benefit of hiring our Law Firm to represent you in a truck accident case is that our experienced attorneys are skilled in the accumulation and/or development of any health care or disability benefits to which you may be entitled. This enables us to help you obtain the medical care and financial support you deserve quickly. To learn more about the comprehensive service you will receive as a client of our firm, please contact our office.big rig accident lawyers

The Causes of Truck Accidents

Approximately 90 percent of all commercial trucking accidents are caused by the truck’s inability to stop in time. Other common factors in truck accidents include:

Driver fatigue caused by over hours driving
Fog, improperly marked construction zones or other dangerous road conditions
Truck driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs

There may be more than one cause in your accident, and more than one party may bear the legal responsibility to pay for your injury or loss. Please call us toll-free today to learn more in a free consultation. You may also e-mail us now for prompt answers to your important questions.


Brain Injury Accidents – Personal Injury Law

Brain Injury Accidents

Accidents that cause serious brain injury can lead to a lifetime of assistive care. Our attorneys represent victims in cases that involve serious head injuries, helping them recover the compensation necessary to deal with high medical costs.personal injury lawyers

Causes of Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) refers to head injuries that occur when an external force causes a blow, jolt or penetration to the skull. When the force causes brain tissue to tear, bruise or bleed, the damage to the brain can be serious and long-term ― or even lead to death.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading causes of TBI are falls (35.2 percent), motor vehicle or traffic accidents (17.3 percent), colliding with an object (16.5 percent), and assaults (10 percent).

A brain injury lawyer can determine the underlying cause and evaluate the extent of your injury. Whether a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or some other cause, our attorneys bring decades of experience to every case we handle and are recognized for our success in the field of personal injury.

Head Injury Symptoms

Getting medical treatment early on may be vital for your recovery from TBI. It is helpful for you and your loved ones to know the symptoms, so you can recognize the possibility of brain injury. Common symptoms include:

Loss of consciousness
Slurred speech
Blurred vision
Weakness or numbness in fingers and toes
Coordination loss
Persistent headaches
Vomiting or nausea
Pupil dilation
Seizures or convulsions
Agitated behavior
Trouble awakening from sleep
Trouble sleeping
Clear drainage in nose or ears

Over the span of a lifetime, dealing with medical treatment for a serious brain injury can run into millions of dollars.

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Having a competent law firm can make a considerable difference in the outcome of your case. We offer a free consultation to discuss your brain injury and how we can help you recover compensation. We take all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you owe no fees unless we recover on your behalf. Please contact our office to arrange a consultation.


When Is It Time to Hire an Attorney

My Husband Made The Call
Accidents are not planned for, nor do they happen at a time when it is convenient. Accidents, by definition are random events that happen without warning. These events can be life-changing, and financially devastating.

I was on my way to work. It was a typical day, just the same old routine. Get up, get my husband out the door, prepare my children for school, get them out the door, while getting ready to go to work myself. I left on time, and was looking forward to an easy day.

Where the other driver came from I do not know. The accident itself took maybe three seconds to occur. All I really remember is the loud noise of being cut out of the car, and the realization that I may in fact die.

My injuries were extensive. I could spend hours telling you about every bump, bruise, broken bone and damaged organ. However, I will get to the main point, my recovery was going to take an extensive period of time and it was not going to be easy.

personal injury law

My husband told me while I was still in the hospital that he had contacted a personal injury attorney. I tried to protest. How could we afford an attorney when I am in the hospital and not working? We were already struggling to get by with two incomes.

He told me that the personal injury lawyer worked on contingency, which meant that he would only get paid when and if we won the case. He told me that someone from the law office would be coming to the hospital to talk to me, and that they would be able to help us once I consent to representation.

I had never dealt with a Lawyer before, and must admit that it added stress to my already painful situation.

When the representative arrived at the hospital, I was really amazed at how nice he was. He was considerate and patient with me when I tried to talk about the accident and injuries without crying. He listened to every detail, and he took notes on everything that I said. He asked if I wanted representation from their firm, and once I agreed, had me sign the paperwork to get things started.

The first thing that I noticed was the change in my medical care. It was almost instant. Prior to signing with the lawyer it seemed like the hospital was not truly interested in my injuries. I seemed more of a burden than a patient. Once I had representation, it seemed like I started receiving top quality care and therapy for my injuries. Coincidence? I am not sure.

My personal injury attorney was quick to demand that the insurance company pay for quality care for my injuries, and not just enough care for me to get by. The exact term used was “make whole again.” I was a little uneasy at the thought of not being “whole,” but grateful for the medical treatment that was easing the pain.

Throughout the process, my attorney aggressively worked with my doctors and the insurance company to determine the outcome of my injuries. My tax attorney asked the hard questions concerning lifelong disabilities or lifelong therapy. He asked if I would be able to return to work. He asked if I would recover completely.

These were questions I did not want to ask, and ones I was not sure if I wanted the answers. I was in so much discomfort; I could not imagine staying that way forever.

My attorney took care of everything associated with my car. The car was damaged beyond repair, but it still had a monthly payment. My attorney worked with the insurer to pay off the car, and there was even some left over so I could make a down payment on a new car when I was able.

car accident attorneys

As my case progressed, my attorney came to a settlement agreement with the insurer of the other driver. They took into account everything that I would need in the future, as well as covered all my current expenses. I would have continued medical care, and I would receive compensation for lost wages, both past and future that were associated with this accident.

Once all parties were in agreement, I signed the papers and the case was over. My attorney subtracted his fees from my settlement, and I went back to working on my recovery.

If my husband would not have called that personal injury attorney that day, I am not sure that I would be in as good of condition as I am now. It made a difference in my medical treatment, and it helped my family financially.