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It can be a frustrating, time-consuming and even frightening thing to try to find a lawyer when you’re faced with a criminal charge or when you or a family member have been injured. Your peace of mind, your financial security, and even your freedom can be on the line – and you need a lawyer who is experienced, knowledgeable and who you can trust to handle your situation.

When you’re faced with a criminal charge in Harris or Montgomery County, Houston or Conroe, – whether it’s murder, driving while intoxicated (DWI), possession of controlled substances or drugs, theft, fraud, assault, embezzlement, burglary, whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor, whether it’s a federal or state case – the choice of a lawyer can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make and may make the difference between spending time in jail or prison or going free. It’s important that you choose a lawyer with experience, knowledge, and the attitude to fight for you.

Criminal defense, asset forfeiture defense, and civil personal injury cases all demand the same attributes from an effective lawyer: Experience. Knowledge. Attitude. Those are the important qualities you should seek in a lawyer who you can trust to fight for you and your family.

Experience. For more than thirty years, We have practiced all over the State of Texas, along with cases in Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. We have a unique blend of experience with a background in criminal defense and personal injury civil litigation, both state and federal. He has argued cases before the Texas Supreme Court and many of the Courts of Appeals in Texas, and has tried dozens of jury trials, both criminal and civil, all over Texas, in both state and federal courts.

Our Attorney has received the highest rating from his peers in the legal community, an “AV” rating, in the Martindale-Hubble Legal Directory. That means that other lawyers have voted him as being extremely well qualified in the law and as having the highest ethical standards.

Knowledge. Our clients range from persons wrongfully accused of crimes (driving while intoxicated, “DWI,” drug and theft offenses, white collar and fraud cases, among others) to victims of negligence. He has represented large corporations and small businesses, and citizens accused of everything from simple assault to DWI to murder to embezzlement to fraud. He is one of the few lawyers who actively practices in the area of asset seizure and forfeiture. His practice ranges all over the State of Texas, with an emphasis on Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, and San Jacinto Counties, in courts located in Conroe, Houston, Liberty, and all over Southeast Texas.

Our Attorney is the author of websites explaining asset seizure and forfeiture   and the offense of driving while intoxicated He also authors a blog on the issues involved in asset seizure and forfeiture .

This unique blend of experience and knowledge makes our guy a unique lawyer, one with the understanding of a variety of legal subjects and how they interact. Often, when representing a criminal client, issues of civil liability arise. Issues involving possible criminal charges often arise in a civil case. Because he has such a broad background, he is uniquely qualified to assist clients in a wide range of situations, bringing his experience and knowledge to bear for the client’s benefit.

Attitude. Not every case goes to trial. But, every case must be treated as if it is going to trial if you hope to resolve it on the best terms possible. Every case, from the beginning to the end, requires the commitment to fight for the best possible result for the client at every stage of the proceeding. Our attorney’s trial experience qualifies him to push, at every stage of the proceeding, for the best interests of the client. Prosecutors and insurance company lawyers know that he is not afraid to take a case to trial, if that is what is required for the client to get the best possible outcome.

You may be surprised to learn that many lawyers never want to see the inside of a courtroom – however, the few who are “trial lawyers” live for the times they can represent their clients in a courtroom. Our Attorneys, for our own clients and when hired by other lawyers to be trial counsel for their clients, actively seeks cases that are likely to go to trial. That level of commitment, that attitude, is what helps make him so effective for clients facing serious challenges with the law.

The lawyer’s attitude must be that the client comes first, the client is entitled to the lawyer’s best efforts, and the client must be kept fully informed on every aspect of their case. Importantly, the lawyer can never give up fighting for the client’s rights and freedom. That’s our Attorneys commitment for every clients, every day.

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